Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Play Ball...

So here we are at a Major League Baseball game last night. We had fun, but it was COLD!!! Baseball games aren't very exciting. Not much happened. Each time I had to take Collin to the bathroom, there was cheering in the stands. I kept thinking to myself, geez, I'm missing like the only thing that has happened the entire game! Or maybe they were cheering Collin on for making it to the bathroom. I don't know if any of you out there have boys, but raising three boys, I am keenly aware of the double standards that exist with the way people treat little boys as opposed to little girls. Don't get me wrong, I understand that boys and girls are different. Indeed God created them different, but as kids, they're all just kids. We went to the game because my son was singing the national anthem. Don't get all excited, it was him and like 100 other kids. It was two elementary school choirs. But, anyway, we were sitting in the section with all the families. So, you can imagine, it was chaos! Kids everywhere, running everywhere, up and down the isle, hanging on the railing, etc. Well, there was a cute little girl in a cute little pink dress hanging on the railing for some time. Well, quite a while. But, all she got was, "awww, how cute!" So, my son decides he's gonna give a try. Might as well try to get some "aww cutes" for himself. No such luck. Immediately the man who works at the stadium went right up to him and told him to find his seat. Irritating!

So, here's a picture of my son with the other kids, right after they had finished singing the national anthem. He's the one jumping out of the crowd. (the handsome blonde one)
Sort of mid left, with the big smile on his face. He thought it was just about the neatest thing he's ever done in his life to be able to sing the national anthem for a baseball game. It is indeed something that not everyone can say they've done!

So when we got there, my husband asked if I wanted to have anything to eat, because we did not have time to eat dinner before. I said, yes, some peanuts. He said, peanuts? Not something I would usually ask for. But, I wanted the authentic baseball experience. It was fun.

Theron had his standardized testing today. It was writing. He was supposed to write about who has influenced him in his life. He wrote about Jesus. You just know that's going to really bother whoever reads it to grade it. But, my son knows he still has the freedom of speech! He also wore his Jeremy Camp "I will take my cross" t-shirt and another boy in his class gave him a hard time. I asked him if that was going to stop him from wearing the shirt again. He said no. Rock on. You express that freedom of speech dude!


Wendy said...

It did get chilly last night, but it looks like you had fun. Shane looks pretty excited! A once in a lifetime experience! What a fun scrapbook page that will be. He has done some really neat stuff this year!! Between the marathon and this- he is a star!!

A.K. said...

Theron seems to be a man that has it all together even at his age- what a gift Tell him congrats on having that part of the tests over with!

peanuts are the type of thing i only want to sit there and crack them open during a game- anywhere else it just seems like to much of a chore!

A.K. said...

by the way... looks like we'll be moving out to del rio june 2008 for at least a year, maybe two. We also have a TDY in Pueblo, Colorado from Jan 08 to about March 08.