Sunday, April 8, 2007

An Easter Week

I haven't done a blog in nearly a week, so I'm just going to sum up my Easter week. What in the world is that picture? That my friends is the custodian at the elementary school who I hope they pay enough to be standing on the roof on a cold and wet day. Why you might ask? The kindergarden egg drop of course! Our assignment was to pack an egg in a baggie and in something else no larger than 8 X 8 X 8 inches to be dropped off the roof of the school and not break. The educational value for a kindergartner? I'm just not sure, but I'm sure the teacher had her good reasons. Did ours survive? Of course it did! Daddy, the logistician packed it, so of course it didn't break. Seriously!

On Friday night, we went down to the new house to do some bedroom painting. Now, this might be a sight you've never seen, I don't know. It's a tent right smack dab in the middle of our living room. We camped out Friday night to get up bright and early Saturday to start the painting. Do I enjoy camping out on the living room floor? No. Seriously. I love, love, love spending time with my boys and my husband, but seriously, I'm a city girl. I prefer a mattress and my little blue pillow. It was nice to do once.

Shane's room was painted green on the bottom, and a tan on top. He's going to have a kind of outdoor camo border. His room theme will be hunting dogs. He loves labradors. The room's gonna be cute when it's done. Oh, excuse me, it's going to be manly.
Now, Collin's room, this is going to be awesome when it's done. It's still a work in progress. Can you tell what it's going to be? Ok, I'll tell you, then you're gonna go, oh yea. Maybe not. It's going to be a "Cars" theme. Can you see it now? The bottom is the desert. Then we did the sky by mixing two colors of blue together. It really looks like a sky! Then, when we go back down, daddy is painting a road right down the middle. It's going to look cool!

That brings us to Easter morning. I'll have to say, this is a sight I haven't seen in my thirty...umm...something years! There was a blanket of snow outside! The boys and daddy kept humming Christmas songs. I kept saying, "stop it!" It's Easter!

It's all melted now, and it's going to be in the 60's tomorrow. Weird, strange weather pattern!

So, here we are coloring eggs! Always a favorite pastime for three boys. Every year we spend hours coloring eggs to specific standards. Then, I might need a hard boiled egg for something, but do you think I can crack one of theirs to use it? No! That would be a crime. They sit in the fridge for weeks, and I finally say, can I throw these away, to which they reluctantly say, yes, if you have to! I went to the grocery store today.
Darrell: you got eggs? Whatcha making?
Me: Um...deviled eggs.
Darrell: Why can't you use the ones we colored?
Me: Um...I just can't. There will be wailing and moaning. Just go with it!
For some reason, we all decided to put the buckets on our heads and run around. Yes, yes, I am proud!

Well, I think that's all for right now! I hope everyone who might come across this had a blessed Easter! I know I did.


Wendy said...

WOW!!! SUPER SUPER COOL ROOMS! You guys are doing an awesome job painting! How fun!! Looking great! Looks like you a great Easter. Ours was "OKay" A quick trip to the ER tonight for an ear infection and a monster headache for me all day today- now off to bed. Talk to you tomorrow!!

Lori said...

* My oldest did the egg drop in kindergarten. I can't remember if the egg broke or not.

* I hate sleeping on the floor, too!

* I love your ideas for your boys' rooms!

* It snowed here Saturday, but it was over freezing so it didn't stick.

* Happy Easter!

A.K. said...

I missed your blogging! Glad you're back!

-I did the egg drop in 12th grade physics- why the heck are kindergarteners doing it?! man- they are getting smarter these days.

-the rooms look GREAT! how nice they are helping to paint!

-It snowed in Richmond, VA the day before- what the heck is this all about? what happened to our warm weather!

-no s'more roasting with this camp out?! come on!

-hope ya'll had a great rest of your easter!

Darrell said...
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Megan said...

Looks like a great week! (Except for the snow on Easter, which is just wrong!) I bet your boys will always, always remember camping in the living room. What a special night!

Darrell said...

Ok. Guess since I'm checking it out all the time anyway, I will sign up and sign in and leave a comment now and again. For those of you reading this other than my wife, yes, I'm the one that has been MIA for the last year, and I'm excited to be home and ready to start a new adventure.