Monday, October 29, 2007


Hey everybody. I get regular updates from a Christian organization, and I received an e-mail this week about a new movie that is out this past weekend.

It's called Bella. They are trying to get the word out about this movie. I have not seen it, but I plan to see it this week. It might not last long in theatres. It has won tons of awards already. It is a love story with positive Christian values.

Go to the website at and check out the trailer. I like to see positive movies in the theatres these days. They're hard to find sometimes, and I think we need them!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ok, so on our recent trip, I was going to try to get a nice picture of all three boys. Maybe put it in our Christmas cards, something like that.

Unfortunately that's easier said than done. Take a look at this...

Nope, no good, Theron's eyes are closed... Not to mention the look on Collin's face.

Nope, not gonna work. Theron has an "I'm mad because you're taking my picture" look on his face.

Wow, everybody looks ok, but who's that in the background?

Nope, not gonna work. Shane's eyes are closed (and he's forced smiling), and oops, the person is still in the background.
This one isn't bad, but Collin's not smiling, and Shane is squinting.

How about this, we'll try a new location. But, wait, what kind of look is that Collin?

Shane, I know the Bible tells you to pray without ceasing, but can you do that later?
OK, Shane's eyes closed, and doing something with his tongue...

Oh, well, you can't say I didn't try. I tried, really I did. Perhaps I'll just put a picture of our dog in our Christmas cards.

Theron's birthday was this week, and as soon as I can get some baby pictures scanned in of him, I'm going to post them. He was the cutest baby! Now, well...he's a teenager. Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trip picture overload

OK, so sorry it took so long for these pictures! And these aren't even all of them.

Here's the cabin we stayed in. I was trying to be all "artsy photographer" by taking this picture, with the fishing pole, and the reflection in the door. I'm such an amateur though.

This was the view from outside our cabin looking down. You can see the line of cabins on the left that we stayed at. It was so much fun to have the river right outside our door!

Here's my precious baby boy posing for me. He's the only one that willingly poses for me now.

Ha! I caught you!
And, here Collin is fishing.

Yea, ok, I'll touch it, or I may do the screeching thing dj's do with records.... What a mean man. He puts a hook in his mouth, takes it out, and then throws him back. Nice bed head, time for a cut! Ah, look at the beautiful scenery. Yea, great dad, can we go back to the car?

So, this was so funny. As we entered the park, there were tons of cars parked on the side of the road. D said, you want me to stop? Yea I do. It must be something incredible. So, we got out, and this was it. Of course it was neat to see, but we were laughing, because of the way they were just standing there looking at everybody like, "what's the big deal?" Oh my goodness, beautiful aspen trees in the fall...

Oh my goodness, more beautiful aspen trees in the fall...
Top of the world, baby...

Apparently at the top of the world, two out of three boys can't keep their eyes open for a picture. I think it was the wind. At least Shane's enthusiastic!

Yeah, man we don't know offered to take our picture so I could be in a picture, but you can only see my floating head. Oh well.
Funny picture D took. Can't those elk read?

OK, I'm trying to make some time here, do you mind?

Shane at the rock shop. As you know, that dude loves rocks. In fact, he would love a rock from Hawaii...hint...hint...
That's all folks...
"Cue Andy Griffith theme song now..."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All I need to know...I learned from Collin

(in the mountains...)

Mommy, did you know that the elk come out at rush hour? Really Collin? How did you know that? Cause that's when the people don't bother them, cause they're busy rushing around.

(dropping him off at school this morning...)

I love you, Collin! I love you too mommy...even when you're in heaven, I'll still love you.
Wow! let's not get out the shovel just yet.

So, Collin's class lines up in the morning before they go inside. Everytime a girl gets in line behind him, he does a little bow and says, "ladies first" and lets them get in front of him. The girls are EATING IT UP! They giggle and smile. They love it. The other boys, well, they hate it. At first they got really mad at Collin! They would say, "no they don't" or "nuh-uh!" or "they're cutting!" Well, today I noticed they're warming up to the idea. I noticed at the end of the line was Collin...and five boys behind him. Way to go Collin! Way to start a new "Chivalry Revolution!" I'm proud of you bud!

Well, for those of you who were wondering, yes, we were in the good ole Rocky Mountains over the weekend. I had three whole days off from work, so we booked it out of town! We had a wonderful time. We stayed in a cabin with a river right outside, so the boys fished any time they wanted to. We went up the continental divide, and got to see what it's like above the tree line. The boys really enjoyed that. And, yes, it was elk rutting time. The wonderful, magical time of the year when the elk are finding their mates. We had to walk away a few times, just before it turned all Wild Kingdom on us! I thought of our good friends Mike and Mindy, and how they got to witness the glorious rutting time a year ago, and missed them terribly!

I took about 300 pictures. So, I haven't sorted through them all. I hope to have some posted by tonight or tomorrow!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Brat, two can play that game!

For all of you who are readers of my lovely friend Wendy's blog, let me just say for the record, two can play that game....

I am somewhere far less exotic...

Wildlife abounds....

A river runs through it....

I am in a cabin...

Where am I?

Ha Ha!!!!