Thursday, June 28, 2007

It won't fall out!!!

OK, so not only has the first baby tooth not fallen out yet, now a second adult tooth is growing in...crooked. Hello braces!
We're wiggling and wiggling it, and it just won't budge. The dentists keep saying it's ok, just wiggle it and it'll coome out, but geez, it just won't come out!
Stubborn...he gets it from his father.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Pirate Ship and Other Intersting Facts

Hi everybody! I have been thinking lately that my life has been so boring. I started to think, maybe I shouldn't blog anymore, because my life is so boring! But, I figured I'd just blog about the boring things in my life.
First of all, I started my new job today. You know what I do? I check books in, I shelve books, I check out books for people. And the books keep coming in! They just keep flying down that return drop! They just don't stop. See, this is what happens when you have a college degree, but you marry a military man, and have three kids! No, I'm just kidding. I think it will be fun. I even brought a book home my first day. It's called The Lost King of France, A True Story of Revolution, Revenge and DNA. I'm so boring, aren't I? I just love reading about history, especially French history. It's about the son of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, and how modern DNA is involved in solving the mystery of what happened to him after his parents were killed. Weird, I know.
So, I thought I'd post pictures of my finished basement. We have indeed finished it. In fact, my parents stayed in it, and loved it.
So, how would someone decorate a basement if they had four swashbuckling sword flinging boys like I do? Well, a Pirate Ship of course!
Here's what you see when you walk down the stairs...
Here's what you see when you turn the corner into the basement...

Yes, that was Collin's little "peace" fingers in the corner. Don't know why he did it, but he's just ADORABLE!
So here's the mini kitchen which I love. It's great for entertaining I think. But, how many wives do you know would allow swords, pirate signs and bird appliques in their houses? Am I the best wife/mom ever? I know I am. You can go tell all your friends and family.

Here's my dog...the only other girl in the house...down in the basement with the boys. Don't you think her face is saying...can't we do something pink in here???

Here's the only evidence of treadmill. In the background you can see an old chest. That was brought over by Darrell's ancestors on a boat from Germany...well I don't know how long ago...but it was a long time ago. Little bit of history there.

So, they love it so much, they have built a "fort" and are sleeping in the basement. boxes...but with remarkably cute "Cars" pj's.

But, once I crawled down in there, I realized there is remarkably more room than I thought there was. And, they have that handy lantern in there, in case they need to get up in the middle of the night.

Wolf room pictures to come later...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

More pics of the house

Well, my parents are heading back home. We had such a great visit. My boys keep saying today that they miss them. Thanks mom and dad for coming all this way to visit us. We had a great time!

Wendy was able to come down tonight. She was able to see her husband who was working, and we all had my homemade pizza. Which, I might add, is quite tasty. Then D watched the kids, and we went to go see Ocean's Thirteen. We liked it. It was good. However, Wendy and I have really bad luck with people sitting behind us and kicking us.
So, a long time ago I said I'd post pictures of the bedrooms, so now I'm making good on my promise. Here's a few pictures of Shane's room. The Lab room. You can't really tell from the picture, but we painted the top half of the room a cream color. It just looks white in the picture. But, it's a really pretty cream color in real life.

The lab flag was given to us by my mom a few years ago. We decorated the room around the flag.

These plates were bought by D and I when we were first married. I think we got one every few months for the first year we were married. I think it was through Lenox or something. I can't remember. Anyhoo, we got them because our first baby was our black lab Bandit. They have sat in their boxes for 14 years now. At least now they are gracing Shane's room!

And, here they are playing their Game Boys.

A few people have requested that I post a picture of me in my full Renaissance costume. I fully intend to do this. I can either dig up a picture that was taken last Halloween, or I can just have D take one of me when we go again. Because, dear friends, D fully intends to take us again when his parents visit in a few weeks. I will also post some pictures of the "wolf" room as soon as I can!

Sammy, if you read this, know that I am thinking about you and your family, and I am praying for your continued peace. I love all of you!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We're having a good visit

Well, we're having a great visit with my parents. My boys were so excited to see their Grandma and Grandpa after about a year and a half. We've been doing all the tourist things in town.

But, I think what they are really enjoying is Tess. Grandma and Grandpa brought their dog. We're of course, not used to a small dog in the house, so we're having a great time with her!
Look at this face!

She's so cute! I got this picture of her running in the back yard. Her ears flop up and down when she runs, and I happened to get this one when her ears were up. I'll never be able to do that again.

So, here's the boys with Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, once again, the oldest looks less than enthusiastic. I'm telling all you younger moms out there...take lots of pictures now, cause someday they'll be a "tween" and won't want their picture taken!

Now that I look at it, Shane's the only one who looks like he doesn't mind getting the picture taken...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Day Today

So, did everybody have a good Father's Day? Ours was good. We were just happy to have him in the states! That's quite an accomplishment. I got up at 7:00 a.m. to make him breakfast. Then we had a nice homemade steak dinner after church for him. Well, if anything, he was well fed.
So here's a picture of a book the boys picked out for him.
It's a way cool book. It has "everything" a boy needs to know it. It has a section on paper airplanes, tying knots, making a treehouse, a homemade battery...etc. etc. etc. It even has a section about "girls" which Shane said they were going to tear out, since he doesn't like girls. But, serisously, here's a quote from the girls'll love it.
"If you see a girl in need of help - unable to lift something, for example - do not taunt her. Approach the object and greet her with a cheerful smile, while surreptitiously testing the weight of the object. If you find you can lift it, go ahead. If you can't, try sitting on it and engaging her in conversation." Cute huh?
So, yes, I had a terrible day today. I am volunteering at a church we're thinking about becoming members at for this week of Vacation Bible School. I'm a house leader. Within the house, there are family leaders who are each in charge of like 5-8 kids. I'm kind of in charge of the house. Well, I got the three year olds. Seriously, I'm in charge of 26 three year old kids. I worked so hard all day trying to count and make sure they were all there, so as not to lose one. Then at the end of the day, it was mass chaos. Parents for like 75 pre-schoolers all converged on one little corner of the church to pick up their kids. We were trying so hard to keep track of everybody. Then a lady came up and said, um, I'm here to pick up so and so...and his friend. Yikes! I ran like a mad woman through that church. I found them. I said, where did you think you were going? Oh, we were looking for our family. Well, they wouldn't have gotten out of the building, because there is security at each and every door, but hello...the mom was mad. I understand. The thing that I keep replaying over in my mind is that I told those two kids to come back in the room like twice. They were determined to get out. Turn your head for one second...poof they're gone. I understand. I would have been a little put out if it were my kid. So, I feel terrible, and don't know if I ever want to volunteer at a church again. I've been crying all afternoon.
But, on an another note, my parents are coming to visit tomorrow! We haven't seen them in like a year and a half. The boys are so excited, and we're getting the house ready. Well, we're getting the house ready in between my bouts of crying, and kicking myself.

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Little Shark-Tooth

Years ago, when Finding Nemo was popular, my little dude here was quite small. However, he loved the movie. In particular, he loved the scene where they say..."Sharkbait, bru ha ha" OK, so if you have never seen it, go out and rent it. It's a cute movie, even for adults. So, as the years went on, we used Sharkbait as his nickname.

Flash forward to the age of five. Wendy and I were having lunch last week (quite nice to be a lunching mommy for a day!) Well, anyway, I was sitting across from him. He was sitting next to Elaina, who he says he IS going to marry, and she's going to have to kiss him, because the mommy has to kiss the daddy (already a man). He laughed, and I was like, omg, open your mouth again. Well, I was shocked to see this tooth growing in, and the other tooth hasn't fallen out yet. Wendy said, you should have a dentist go see it. So, of course, being the worrying mother I am, I was there the next day. They took x-rays. They fell in love with him (of course). Then they told me it was fine. They said it was very common, and that the root of the baby tooth is gone, so it should fall out any day now. Well, that was last week! It's been over a week, and we can't get that sucker out. I've fed him corn on the cob. I've fed him carrots. Not a budge. I've tried to wiggle it, but I'm sort of a squeamish mom when it comes to my own kids, so I can't really do it. That little bugger is hanging on for dear life. Now, I'm thinking, ok, is that other tooth going to continue to come out, and like be at a terrible angle? What should I do?

So, he came up to me that day and said his new nickname should be "Sharktooth", since sharks get rows of teeth like that. OK guys, he's only 5, quite a genius, right?

On another note, I got a job!!! There were 38 applicants, and they interviewed 4, and I got it. I'll be working at my local library. My oldest said, I can totally see you doing that mommy. The pay is an insult, but it's only like 15 hours a week, and it's during the day, in four hour shifts. So, it's perfect for me. I can get out of the house, and not sit around feeling sorry for myself. Because, to be quite honest, I've been known to go into crying fits lately. My youngest is going into 1st grade, which means I have an empty nest during the day. I'm not dealing with it well. I mean, just a short year and a half ago, I was homeschooling all three of them, and I was with them 24 hours a day. So, for all you young moms out there, savor each and every day. It happens really, really fast. Well, as I was crying last night and said this, my very logical husband said, "No dear, it didn't. You just feel like it did." Thanks Socrates!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I've been outed

All right, I've been outed. By my husband no less. I have a confession to make. Every year at Halloween, I dress up in Renaiss. attire. Every year when the fest comes along, my entire family dresses up, and heads out. But you see, there's a big difference between my family, and the king and queen you see above...they are paid...we're just weird.
So, our favorite part is the jousting. See, once again, I might add, these people are paid to look like that. Just wait for it...I'll get to pictures of my family.
So, they do like a real fight, and it's really cool. Then, there was this guy. He was hilarious. He looks, to me, like a certain Aussie actor. He made the kids pinky promise that they wouldn't go home and play with fire. He also said we weren't supposed to tell his mom, because he told her he's the guy who goes behind the elephant with a bag! Classic!

So, here's my handsome husband swordfighting his very own flesh and blood...our son! Yikes!

So, here's big C (AKA Green Knight) in a "swordfight" tournament. Oh, boy did he steal the hearts of all the people there. The women started chanting..."Go Green Knight...Go Green Knight." The judge said..."I know I'm supposed to be impartial here, but go little dude!" Of course that was when he was up against a kid who was like 16. He was so sweet, he let Collin get two points before he ended up beating him. It was really sweet.

OK, so here, I said, what is this the Civil War? Brother against brother????
Didn't really get many pictures of me in them. There were a few, but this one is the best. It's little Green Knight taking a break to eat a pretzel while sitting in his mom's lap.

So, there you have it...I've been outed. I'm one of those weird festival people who dress up when they're not even getting paid for it. I admit it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Good Ole Days

Remember those good old days when you were a kid, and you sat at the table and ate your favorite cereal, while reading the side of the box? I say, relive those days! It doesn't matter how old you are, you can recapture those times. Who cares who might see you. Just do it. Seriously!
My kids are restricted on the sugar cereals on school days. They're just wild enough as it is. But during summer, or vacations, these restrictions are lifted. The other day, I came downstairs, and all three of them were sitting there in front of a cereal box, reading it, and doing the puzzles and activities.
So, if you can't beat 'em, I guess you should join 'em! I sat with them. I poured myself a good old bowl of Apple Jacks and ate it with them. As soon as I sat down, they were showing me things on the side of their cereal box. I helped Collin make it through a maze of syrup to make it to the bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Theron said, look mommy, this one is good for doesn't have any fat, but it has 5 grams of fiber. "That's good for you!" he said. Yea, that's good for you, Theron!
My favorite is Lucky Charms. I love it. I could live on it. In fact, years ago when I had my appendix out, and I was trying to get my appetite back, I ate Lucky Charms. After a week or so, that did the trick! Wait a second...that was 10 years ago! Wow. Time flies.
I think Lucky Charms is quite nearly a perfect food. If only it was all marshmallows, now that would be truly magically delicious! Collin says, "Lucky Charms make you lucky, mommy!" Well, I guess it's true, because I have those three!
What's your favorite?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Summer is in Full Swing!

Well, summer is in full swing here at my house. And with it comes the obvious question...what do I do with these three boys all summer? I really don't know. I'm going to have to figure something out.

So, we have a really nice family behind us at our new house. The boys really like hanging out with them. The only problem is, they have to climb over the fence to get there. Well, either that, or walk all the way around the block! And, well, that's just too far, especially for the little one. So, they climb the fence.

Here's S heading over at like 8 a.m. I'm still in my pajamas, but I had to snap these pictures. It's so cute. It's so early in the morning, and he even still has bed-head!

So, I love my new house! We planted some rose bushes, and look at this! I love yellow roses, and it's acutally producing flowers! I'm so proud! It's like a new baby.

All right, so I know that got you in the mood to see more of my nature pictures.

That was shameless. Just a shameless attempt to get more compliments for my amateur photography.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

What a week!

Well, some of you have asked when I would finally be done driving my kids an hour to school. Well, we are done. It's a sad occasion, and a happy one. I have putting off blogging about it because I'm so emotional about it.

Here's Shane getting chased by the girls on his last day of school. He's gonna be a heartbreaker with that blonde hair and tan skin. He wanted to wear his "My Dad, My Hero" shirt on his last day. It's kind of funny. He was sooo sad about leaving his friends, yet he wanted to wear that shirt. It's so tough for military families to move as much as they do. It really puts a strain on the kids when they get old enough to really get attached to friends. Yet, I think my kids are proud of what their dad does, and understand that it's a sacrifice, but it's a worthy one.

At the end of the day, Shane and his class were supposed to sit in a circle, and tell one great thing about the year, and one thing they didn't like so much. The boys were all saying the one bad thing was their friend Shane leaving. Shane was crying, his head in his shirt. His friends all started crying, and there I was, in the back of the class trying not to lose it. It was sad. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

All right, on to my baby. Yikes, I'm holding back the tears now! He graduated from kindergarten! Here he is holding up a picture of what he wants to be when he grows up...a pilot! OK, I said to D, mommy's never going to sleep.. You can't see it on the picture, but the dude in the picture, which is supposed to be Collin when he grows up and becomes a pilot, has a shirt on that says, "I love my job". Too cute.

So, here he is graduating. He's in the front, in the middle. I don't know why he's so close to the other guy. Maybe because there's a girl on the other side. But, she's cute! I digress. The little hats were so cute. My son's was the only one that kept sliding forward. Of course, he was playing with the tassle, so that didn't help.

During the kindergarten graduation, they showed a video of pictures from the entire year. I was sitting there fighting back tears! I mean, seriously! I'm going to be a mess when this little guy graduates high school!

We went to the park this week with daddy, and here they are looking at nature. I love taking the unposed pictures!

So, here's the little guy...Collin, I am so proud of you! I love you!

OK, so on to Theron. He graduated elementary school. Here's his desk I decorated. I loved the card I picked out, if I may say so myself.

All right, so he had a graduation ceremony as well. Geez, people, come on, how much do you think I can take in one week? They also did a video recapping the entire 6th grade year. I'm a mess!
He's my shy one. He's a little nervous about going up to get his elementary school diploma.

But he does it, and his mommy is about to lose it big time in the audience.

So, that's my week. It was hard. It was very bittersweet. We are on to new adventures, which is nothing new to military families, and that's exciting sometimes. We had to leave friends, and that's excrutiating sometimes! Seriously!