Saturday, June 2, 2007

What a week!

Well, some of you have asked when I would finally be done driving my kids an hour to school. Well, we are done. It's a sad occasion, and a happy one. I have putting off blogging about it because I'm so emotional about it.

Here's Shane getting chased by the girls on his last day of school. He's gonna be a heartbreaker with that blonde hair and tan skin. He wanted to wear his "My Dad, My Hero" shirt on his last day. It's kind of funny. He was sooo sad about leaving his friends, yet he wanted to wear that shirt. It's so tough for military families to move as much as they do. It really puts a strain on the kids when they get old enough to really get attached to friends. Yet, I think my kids are proud of what their dad does, and understand that it's a sacrifice, but it's a worthy one.

At the end of the day, Shane and his class were supposed to sit in a circle, and tell one great thing about the year, and one thing they didn't like so much. The boys were all saying the one bad thing was their friend Shane leaving. Shane was crying, his head in his shirt. His friends all started crying, and there I was, in the back of the class trying not to lose it. It was sad. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

All right, on to my baby. Yikes, I'm holding back the tears now! He graduated from kindergarten! Here he is holding up a picture of what he wants to be when he grows up...a pilot! OK, I said to D, mommy's never going to sleep.. You can't see it on the picture, but the dude in the picture, which is supposed to be Collin when he grows up and becomes a pilot, has a shirt on that says, "I love my job". Too cute.

So, here he is graduating. He's in the front, in the middle. I don't know why he's so close to the other guy. Maybe because there's a girl on the other side. But, she's cute! I digress. The little hats were so cute. My son's was the only one that kept sliding forward. Of course, he was playing with the tassle, so that didn't help.

During the kindergarten graduation, they showed a video of pictures from the entire year. I was sitting there fighting back tears! I mean, seriously! I'm going to be a mess when this little guy graduates high school!

We went to the park this week with daddy, and here they are looking at nature. I love taking the unposed pictures!

So, here's the little guy...Collin, I am so proud of you! I love you!

OK, so on to Theron. He graduated elementary school. Here's his desk I decorated. I loved the card I picked out, if I may say so myself.

All right, so he had a graduation ceremony as well. Geez, people, come on, how much do you think I can take in one week? They also did a video recapping the entire 6th grade year. I'm a mess!
He's my shy one. He's a little nervous about going up to get his elementary school diploma.

But he does it, and his mommy is about to lose it big time in the audience.

So, that's my week. It was hard. It was very bittersweet. We are on to new adventures, which is nothing new to military families, and that's exciting sometimes. We had to leave friends, and that's excrutiating sometimes! Seriously!


A.K. said...

okay so i have the tears flowing over here! i hear ya on the bittersweetness of leaving- i had a day yesterday where the wedding being over and the move really sinking in all hit me pretty hard!

what a great time for the boys with all their accomplishments but hard to leave their friends- good thing summer is here so they can meet all new frineds before heading to school!

Thanks for sharing that all with us!

Susie PSU said...

What an emotional week! I'd be a mess, too. As hard as it is for the boys to move, it sounds like going to school was a positive step for them! How do you feel about the public schools now?

Stacy said...

You had me crying too! So when you become a mom do you get some crying gene with it? I do not think I cried this much when I was not a mom! YOur boys are good tough kids and they will make more friends in CS. Just tell them where ever they go they will have some one to visit!!! Wow on to another chapter of life>

Wendy said...

Love all the pics. Easy to cry- those darn slideshow really get ya. What a week though. I am so bummed that you are not coming up here anymore!! And, I am missing out on Tuesday!! We'll see you soon.....

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh, what a post! yes, it's bittersweet. I too was teary eyed just reading this post.

I thank all of you foe the sacrifice you do as a militray family. We're ao thankful.

And your boys are wonderful - you are right to be proud!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

OH my goodness, I completely understand getting emotional about transitions, and I'm not even moving anywhere! I just have girlies who are growing up.

I really love all your photos. You really do have a talent!

Megan said...

Okay, seriously, were you trying to make everyone cry? I'm seriously trying to fight back tears. The "Hero" shirt really did me in!! How cute is that?! What a very special (and emotional) week for your family! Congrats on all your boys' milestones!!

Janice said...

I love your post - even though you made me cry! I know what it's like to move all the time and start a new school - but you end up woth so many great friends in the long run.

After reading this I was wondering how composed I would be when the kids graduate from highschool - let alone kindergarten! YOur boys are too adorable for their own good and will all be heartbreakers when they grow up!