Saturday, June 23, 2007

More pics of the house

Well, my parents are heading back home. We had such a great visit. My boys keep saying today that they miss them. Thanks mom and dad for coming all this way to visit us. We had a great time!

Wendy was able to come down tonight. She was able to see her husband who was working, and we all had my homemade pizza. Which, I might add, is quite tasty. Then D watched the kids, and we went to go see Ocean's Thirteen. We liked it. It was good. However, Wendy and I have really bad luck with people sitting behind us and kicking us.
So, a long time ago I said I'd post pictures of the bedrooms, so now I'm making good on my promise. Here's a few pictures of Shane's room. The Lab room. You can't really tell from the picture, but we painted the top half of the room a cream color. It just looks white in the picture. But, it's a really pretty cream color in real life.

The lab flag was given to us by my mom a few years ago. We decorated the room around the flag.

These plates were bought by D and I when we were first married. I think we got one every few months for the first year we were married. I think it was through Lenox or something. I can't remember. Anyhoo, we got them because our first baby was our black lab Bandit. They have sat in their boxes for 14 years now. At least now they are gracing Shane's room!

And, here they are playing their Game Boys.

A few people have requested that I post a picture of me in my full Renaissance costume. I fully intend to do this. I can either dig up a picture that was taken last Halloween, or I can just have D take one of me when we go again. Because, dear friends, D fully intends to take us again when his parents visit in a few weeks. I will also post some pictures of the "wolf" room as soon as I can!

Sammy, if you read this, know that I am thinking about you and your family, and I am praying for your continued peace. I love all of you!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.


txswordmaker said...

Wooohoooo! I'm first. It really isn't fair though. Wendy just left here and she's going to be driving for a while yet and not even have a chance at commenting. Guess I'll go back now and read the post and find out what I should be commenting on.

txswordmaker said...

Sammy Jo, anytime you need her, just let me know and she's on the next plane out of town.

Janice said...

Love the Lennox plates! What a lucky guy Shane is to have them all over his room.

Glad you had a great time with the parents.

Can't wait to see the "Wolf Room" - and of course, your Renaissance outfit!

Wendy said...

D you beat me. Only because I was driving. Thanks K for such a wonderful night!! I loved the pizza and the movie. Thanks D so much for watching the kiddos. Your the bomb!!

Liza's Eyeview said...

I like that Lab Room. I can't wait to see the Wolf Room.

I'm glad to hear your parents had a nice visit...

Homemade Pizza?!! - oohhh, I'm getting hungry.

Shana-Lynn said...

The lab room is awesome.

And homemade pizza, you'll have to post the recipe if you don't mind sharing. Sounds really good.

Megan said...

The boys all hangin' out on the bunkbed looks like something out of a movie. It must be so fun having a houseful of boys!

A.K. said...

can't wait to see the pictures!

A.K. said...

scott reads yours all the time though he is rarely a commenter- i guess when we talk about our "long lost friend" so much- they feel that they need to join in!!!