Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I've been outed

All right, I've been outed. By my husband no less. I have a confession to make. Every year at Halloween, I dress up in Renaiss. attire. Every year when the fest comes along, my entire family dresses up, and heads out. But you see, there's a big difference between my family, and the king and queen you see above...they are paid...we're just weird.
So, our favorite part is the jousting. See, once again, I might add, these people are paid to look like that. Just wait for it...I'll get to pictures of my family.
So, they do like a real fight, and it's really cool. Then, there was this guy. He was hilarious. He looks, to me, like a certain Aussie actor. He made the kids pinky promise that they wouldn't go home and play with fire. He also said we weren't supposed to tell his mom, because he told her he's the guy who goes behind the elephant with a bag! Classic!

So, here's my handsome husband swordfighting his very own flesh and blood...our son! Yikes!

So, here's big C (AKA Green Knight) in a "swordfight" tournament. Oh, boy did he steal the hearts of all the people there. The women started chanting..."Go Green Knight...Go Green Knight." The judge said..."I know I'm supposed to be impartial here, but go little dude!" Of course that was when he was up against a kid who was like 16. He was so sweet, he let Collin get two points before he ended up beating him. It was really sweet.

OK, so here, I said, what is this the Civil War? Brother against brother????
Didn't really get many pictures of me in them. There were a few, but this one is the best. It's little Green Knight taking a break to eat a pretzel while sitting in his mom's lap.

So, there you have it...I've been outed. I'm one of those weird festival people who dress up when they're not even getting paid for it. I admit it.


Wendy said...

Those are some great pics! I may have to go to it before it ends!! Tell D nice job on cutting of your head. Goober. I wanted to see your full garb, so when you go back again- he must take a better picture!! Have someone take a pic of the whole family for you. Like the Mel Gibson fire swallowing paid for worker.

Darrell said...

Dang it...Wendy was too fast. I tried to be first. You just posted it as I left the house. Ok...just so everyone's not her fault. It's all me...I convince her to dress up and have go out like that. It's just something I like to do. I would love to do the Ren. Fest. circuit after I retire. You see, I make wooden swords. I have since I was like six years old. Right mom and dad? They still have some of them in their garage. Anyway, I made the ones we're using in the pictures. K even suggested I open a booth at the Ren. Fest next year. I was talking to one of the sword shops and they liked what they saw. I told them I might be competition for them next year and they suggested I work with them. Might be an idea. If any of you out there need/want a high quality wooden sword, just let me know. I'll even make it to your design.

Shana-Lynn said...

Kristen, thanks for stopping by my blog. I had fun looking at these pictures at the Renaissance Fest., you guys look so cute in your costumes, love it.

Megan said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! My husband would love for us to do something like that!

Susie PSU said...

You've taken the first step, admission of a problem.....!!

Great pictures. I want a full view of YOU!!

txswordmaker said...

ok...this is just to see if my crest shows up...I drew it almost 10 years ago.

A.K. said...

i agree with wendy- i want a FULL FLEDGE picture of you all dressed up- come on now- i kept scrolling down to see one of you!

Janice said...

Where is the rest of the Hot Renaissance Mama? Next time you have to go all out and do a sexy pose - I think your hubby might like it!

I love the Renaissance Festival. Although I've only been to one once in England. I wish we lived close to one, the kids would love it. The pictures are great!!! Love the sword fights!