Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Pirate Ship and Other Intersting Facts

Hi everybody! I have been thinking lately that my life has been so boring. I started to think, maybe I shouldn't blog anymore, because my life is so boring! But, I figured I'd just blog about the boring things in my life.
First of all, I started my new job today. You know what I do? I check books in, I shelve books, I check out books for people. And the books keep coming in! They just keep flying down that return drop! They just don't stop. See, this is what happens when you have a college degree, but you marry a military man, and have three kids! No, I'm just kidding. I think it will be fun. I even brought a book home my first day. It's called The Lost King of France, A True Story of Revolution, Revenge and DNA. I'm so boring, aren't I? I just love reading about history, especially French history. It's about the son of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, and how modern DNA is involved in solving the mystery of what happened to him after his parents were killed. Weird, I know.
So, I thought I'd post pictures of my finished basement. We have indeed finished it. In fact, my parents stayed in it, and loved it.
So, how would someone decorate a basement if they had four swashbuckling sword flinging boys like I do? Well, a Pirate Ship of course!
Here's what you see when you walk down the stairs...
Here's what you see when you turn the corner into the basement...

Yes, that was Collin's little "peace" fingers in the corner. Don't know why he did it, but he's just ADORABLE!
So here's the mini kitchen which I love. It's great for entertaining I think. But, how many wives do you know would allow swords, pirate signs and bird appliques in their houses? Am I the best wife/mom ever? I know I am. You can go tell all your friends and family.

Here's my dog...the only other girl in the house...down in the basement with the boys. Don't you think her face is saying...can't we do something pink in here???

Here's the only evidence of me...my treadmill. In the background you can see an old chest. That was brought over by Darrell's ancestors on a boat from Germany...well I don't know how long ago...but it was a long time ago. Little bit of history there.

So, they love it so much, they have built a "fort" and are sleeping in the basement.

Um...in boxes...but with remarkably cute "Cars" pj's.

But, once I crawled down in there, I realized there is remarkably more room than I thought there was. And, they have that handy lantern in there, in case they need to get up in the middle of the night.

Wolf room pictures to come later...


A.K. said...

how can you be boring when you have an awesome house like that?! and if you didn't blog i just don't know what i would do with myself- i might have to find another blogging friend and i just don't wanna do that.... :)

can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! thanks for putting them up!

Stacy said...

love the decorating! I think it is awesome!!!! Post more pics! Your life is as good as all the rest of ours! I have the same thoughts about my blog.

Wendy said...

I love the pirate basement, and Connor loves it even more. Well, I hope you had a good day today. Did you ask>> I will call you tomorrow. The kids are going to the movies w/ Grandma, so I'll call you while they are gone!!

Janice said...

I love the fort! Gosh, to be a kid again! Anyway, I would miss reading about you if you stopped blogging, so please don't quit now! I love the basement. The parrots are something my hubby would love to have down in ours -he's got some kind of tropical theme going on and I just let him run loose with the decorating.

Thanks for sharing!

Shana-Lynn said...

Wow, that is an awesome basement and super cool mini-kitchen. The boys look like they are having a blast in their fort. I used to LOVE to do stuff like that when I was a kid, awww the memories.

Don't stop blogging now, I just found you girl! And your life is far from boring to us mommas here.

Susie PSU said...

I want to know what happened in the book! What was the mystery, and how was it solved? See, you can be the history buff and just give us "notes" on what you read. That way, we will have something to talk about when we all meet up in real life.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

FUN! I love the pirate motif!