Friday, June 15, 2007

My Little Shark-Tooth

Years ago, when Finding Nemo was popular, my little dude here was quite small. However, he loved the movie. In particular, he loved the scene where they say..."Sharkbait, bru ha ha" OK, so if you have never seen it, go out and rent it. It's a cute movie, even for adults. So, as the years went on, we used Sharkbait as his nickname.

Flash forward to the age of five. Wendy and I were having lunch last week (quite nice to be a lunching mommy for a day!) Well, anyway, I was sitting across from him. He was sitting next to Elaina, who he says he IS going to marry, and she's going to have to kiss him, because the mommy has to kiss the daddy (already a man). He laughed, and I was like, omg, open your mouth again. Well, I was shocked to see this tooth growing in, and the other tooth hasn't fallen out yet. Wendy said, you should have a dentist go see it. So, of course, being the worrying mother I am, I was there the next day. They took x-rays. They fell in love with him (of course). Then they told me it was fine. They said it was very common, and that the root of the baby tooth is gone, so it should fall out any day now. Well, that was last week! It's been over a week, and we can't get that sucker out. I've fed him corn on the cob. I've fed him carrots. Not a budge. I've tried to wiggle it, but I'm sort of a squeamish mom when it comes to my own kids, so I can't really do it. That little bugger is hanging on for dear life. Now, I'm thinking, ok, is that other tooth going to continue to come out, and like be at a terrible angle? What should I do?

So, he came up to me that day and said his new nickname should be "Sharktooth", since sharks get rows of teeth like that. OK guys, he's only 5, quite a genius, right?

On another note, I got a job!!! There were 38 applicants, and they interviewed 4, and I got it. I'll be working at my local library. My oldest said, I can totally see you doing that mommy. The pay is an insult, but it's only like 15 hours a week, and it's during the day, in four hour shifts. So, it's perfect for me. I can get out of the house, and not sit around feeling sorry for myself. Because, to be quite honest, I've been known to go into crying fits lately. My youngest is going into 1st grade, which means I have an empty nest during the day. I'm not dealing with it well. I mean, just a short year and a half ago, I was homeschooling all three of them, and I was with them 24 hours a day. So, for all you young moms out there, savor each and every day. It happens really, really fast. Well, as I was crying last night and said this, my very logical husband said, "No dear, it didn't. You just feel like it did." Thanks Socrates!


Wendy said...

Wow! D is quite the smarty pants now isn't he? I still think the whole tooth thing is hillarious. I gave it quite a big tug, and nothing happened. It is more lose than Juli'as teeth. She hasn't lost ANY and she's 6 months older. I think Connors teeth are more lose than hers. Congrats again on your job. Yeah for you!!!!

txswordmaker said...

Darn it Wendy! You were too fast again. Maybe I should stop going to work and just wait next to K to finish her posts.

Socrates, huh? I show you Socrates! Maybe not, but it sounded good.

Shana-Lynn said...

Shark-tooth, that is a good one. He is a smart boy, I love how they totally amaze us all the time.

Good job on the job, that sounds like a fun place to work with nice hours.

How did you like homeschooling your children?

A.K. said...

he's quite the little genius knowing about sharks teeth growing in a row- i didn't know that!

i hear ya on the job- i'm thinking i need some kind of job this year at maryland but don't know about full time teaching- teaching preschool is sounding kinda nice- 4 hours everyday but home around lunch time- congrats on being the one chosen!!!

A.K. said...

oh yah- i agree with shana-lynn- please elaborate more on this homeschooling... u didn't feel like going insane somedays?!

Janice said...

First of all, congratulations on your new job! Wow, that sounds perfect! I hope I can find a good flexible job like that when I decide to go back to work. I might have to have some crying fits myself when that time does happen and both kids are off to school all day.

Your little Shark Tooth is a smart one! I would not have the heart to wiggle that thing either - just thinking about it is making me uneasy! Hope it falls off soon for you, though. :)

Megan said...

So sorry to hear you're feeling blue. Congrats on the job! Sounds like an ideal situation. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Little Sharktooth is quite a little smarty!