Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Day Today

So, did everybody have a good Father's Day? Ours was good. We were just happy to have him in the states! That's quite an accomplishment. I got up at 7:00 a.m. to make him breakfast. Then we had a nice homemade steak dinner after church for him. Well, if anything, he was well fed.
So here's a picture of a book the boys picked out for him.
It's a way cool book. It has "everything" a boy needs to know it. It has a section on paper airplanes, tying knots, making a treehouse, a homemade battery...etc. etc. etc. It even has a section about "girls" which Shane said they were going to tear out, since he doesn't like girls. But, serisously, here's a quote from the girls'll love it.
"If you see a girl in need of help - unable to lift something, for example - do not taunt her. Approach the object and greet her with a cheerful smile, while surreptitiously testing the weight of the object. If you find you can lift it, go ahead. If you can't, try sitting on it and engaging her in conversation." Cute huh?
So, yes, I had a terrible day today. I am volunteering at a church we're thinking about becoming members at for this week of Vacation Bible School. I'm a house leader. Within the house, there are family leaders who are each in charge of like 5-8 kids. I'm kind of in charge of the house. Well, I got the three year olds. Seriously, I'm in charge of 26 three year old kids. I worked so hard all day trying to count and make sure they were all there, so as not to lose one. Then at the end of the day, it was mass chaos. Parents for like 75 pre-schoolers all converged on one little corner of the church to pick up their kids. We were trying so hard to keep track of everybody. Then a lady came up and said, um, I'm here to pick up so and so...and his friend. Yikes! I ran like a mad woman through that church. I found them. I said, where did you think you were going? Oh, we were looking for our family. Well, they wouldn't have gotten out of the building, because there is security at each and every door, but hello...the mom was mad. I understand. The thing that I keep replaying over in my mind is that I told those two kids to come back in the room like twice. They were determined to get out. Turn your head for one second...poof they're gone. I understand. I would have been a little put out if it were my kid. So, I feel terrible, and don't know if I ever want to volunteer at a church again. I've been crying all afternoon.
But, on an another note, my parents are coming to visit tomorrow! We haven't seen them in like a year and a half. The boys are so excited, and we're getting the house ready. Well, we're getting the house ready in between my bouts of crying, and kicking myself.


Janice said...

Oh, Kristen, I am so sorry to hear about your bad day! I can relate since I used to teach preschool up until last year. It is hard when you have 26 three year olds! Although Vacation Bible school can be fun, it is also a very stressful time, especially when the kids are that young. It doesn't help that they're all together at the end of the day with parents coming in and out to pick their kids up. Is there anyway you can just stay in a classroom with your group? That way it might not be as chaotic? Hang in there. I am sure that mom has gotten over it by now.

Have a great time with your parents!!!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Oh, bless your heart! Are you volunteering every day this week, or was today it?

It's so hard to control groups of kids these days, when half the time their parents aren't even able to control them. The upset mom probably couldn't have done as well as you did, given what you had to work with.

Don't beat yourself up over it. It sounds like you were in a nearly impossible situation, and did the best job you could!

Wendy said...

Allright don't get upset. Just don't be a house leader anymore. Be a family leader if it's less kids, or volunteer elsewhere. LEt someone else deal with the escaping con artists.
I beat D again. Ha Ha.

Susie PSU said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day, but you did manage to make me laugh. I know how I am constantly counting my 3 years old at school, like every 10 steps. And I've had grandparents show up to pick up kids, and they weren't even supposed to be in school that day. But, of course I panic, and look for them, and then some parent will remind me "they are in your other class..." THEN who looks like the fool???
SO, thanks for reminding me that we are all human, and shit happens. Don't quit - God put you there for a reason. Perhaps to lead one of the family leaders....

Shana-Lynn said...

Kristen, I can so relate with you. Janice and I used to work at the same preschool and I always dreaded VBS week, it was so darn crazy, unorganized and so many children at our place. I almost always was a helper in the young 4's, and it was a tough group when you had 20, I can't imagine 26 "3" year olds!! Keep your chin up.

Liza's Eyeview said...

26 3 year olds!!!! Oh my Word, that is hard! Don't feel so bad aout the "run away" kid. I volunteer at toddler's class in our church. One time we had 13, and there were 2 of us volunteers and still one kid was able to sneak out during the "chaos of picking up". When his dad came looking for him we were like...:ahhh, he was just here..." Then a few seconds later, one of the parents brought him back and he was seen running out of the building. Yikes!!!!!! The parents of that boy were pretty cool..but I also felt sooooo bad that day. So, I know what you feel, but the again I want to encourage you to not be too hard on yourself. It sometimes happens and thankfully there kid is there.

:) Liza

Glad your hubby was fed well on father's day :) - We should check that book out.

Stacy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, I have trouble keeping track of my 3 kids!!! Don't let that mom ruin it for you! Go back and kick some ass!

Stacy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, I have trouble keeping track of my 3 kids!!! Don't let that mom ruin it for you! Go back and kick some ass!

Megan said...

Well, maybe this will make you feel better...I used to teach first grade, and I lost one of the little buggers. It was her first day...wait, wait, wait, let me start over....I taught first grade in the hood where a lot of the poor little babies had issues...okay, it was her first day, and she asked to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was about ten feet from our classroom, so I said yes. About three minutes later, I ran over to the bathroom to check on her, and she was gone. I immediately notified the principals and such...anyway, finally found the little dumplin' running down the road in front of the school. I didn't get in trouble because, seriously, I only let her out of my sight for a second, and no one informed me that she was, um, special.

Anyway, I just thought maybe that would make you feel better. You can't watch them every second.

I'm sure VBS was better because you were there!!