Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Party was Today!

Well, with Grandma and Grandpa here, we had the birthday party for little peanut today at Chuck E. Cheese's, you know, where a kid can be a kid!
Here is Collin watching daddy make his birthday cake.Yes, D not only makes swords, he makes cakes ladies. Yes, and he even sews. Weird. Anyway, here's a picture of the finished cake. He really does make amazing cakes.
So, that was the one he made. Here's the one I made for the actual day of his birthday. See a difference anybody?

Here's the king for the day blowing out his candles!
Here's Collin and his friend saying, "please mommy, can we play a little bit longer?" Cute, huh?

You'll never believe this, but we have been saving CEC tickets for years now. We had almost 3,000. There was a remote control car there that was 4,000 tickets. The girl there said that she'd give it to us cause it was the last one, and had been there a while. It's really, really cool. They're downstairs playing with it right now, including Grandpa! I'll have to post pictures of that.

Thank you to everyone for being so sweet to my sister-in-law as she starts up her blog. She's so excited to get to know everybody. I have the best blogging friends in the world! She's so addicted already, she's waiting right now for this post!

We have done so many exciting things lately that I've taken cool pictures of. We went to a waterfall the other day, and I got amazing pictures. I'll have to post them later in the week when I have time. You'll love them.

Later everybody!


txswordmaker said...

All I can say is, "Thanks Mom!" My mom exposed me to all those those things growing up.

But a really big thanks to K for making all the really important things happen...getting the needed ingredients, getting the gifts, and getting me out of bed this morning when I wanted to still be sleeping, or the cake wouldn't have been done on time.

Wendy said...

Thats right- thank the women. :) What a fun time. The cake turned out really cool, and of course Collin has the biggest smile on his face. HOw cool that he got the car! Thats a lot of tickets! Can't wait to see more pics! I am excited. POst soon!!

Shana-Lynn said...

That cake is amazing. Your husband did a wonderful job, great talent.

The Morgan Family said...

Again, another awesome post! Okay, so I knew D could sew and make swords, but I had no idea he could be that creative with a CAKE and make it happen! WOW! I was very impressed! And you're right, I have been waiting for the b-day post from you. I told D last night that you needed to update asap about birthday details....and you followed through! I enjoyed it! Brent and I started to write another post last night. We figured since we are so boring, that we would think back to something exciting in the past and write about that. So I started to write about your cruise we took about a month ago. See, problem is - I go into way too much detail. The post would have been WAY too long. Why can't I ever make anything short and simple? Oh well, another post should happen soon on my page. Thanks for sending your friends my way. They're great!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Looks like a great birthday party! I am so impressed with that cake, and the fact that your husband embraces his feminine side. Big Daddy does, too; he does beautiful floral arrangements!

Janice said...

Wow, that cake your hubby made is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I bought a cake for Cameron similar to that for his 1st birthday last year but it does not even compare!!!

Glad Collin got the remote control car! He desrves it after getting all those tickets!

Stacy said...

Sounds like the party was a great time! I still can't believe the cake- awesome! That is a lot of time at CC for all those tix. Glad he got what he wanted. Is he still playing with it? Can't wait to see the other pics!

Megan said...

Okay, really that cake?!! Who has a husband that can do that??? WOW!!! It's amazing!!

A.K. said...

love that cake! that's awesome! looks like all the other kids in the classrooms and neighbors have to be jealous over those bday cakes- i know i would be! glad to be back online and catching up with your posts!