Monday, July 16, 2007

My sister-in-law Angie

Hi Guys,

Go over and see my sister-in-law's blog. She's just so totally new, and she only has one post, but if you have time to go check it out, do!

Angie is married to my brother, and they have a "wonderful life" as the blog says. They do really interesting things, and go to all kinds of exoctic places.

Check it out. She has pictures of my cute and adorable nephew and nieces. Oh, yea, and my brother. Tell me, do we look like brother and sister??


txswordmaker said...

I already have her linked on may page! Get yours now while you can. Limited edition...or something like that. Hey Ang! You'll have to put up some picks about the medical trips you guys have taken.

The Morgan Family said...

What a cool post! You're the BEST! Wendy already said hi and she gave me permission to add her page link to my page. I've been catching up on alot of her blogs. She has such a sweet family! Don't you love this blog thing. It's so addicting, as you can tell, because I look at your page like 10 times a day....LOL Oh, and by the way, you look ALOT like Brent! Thanks for the great post! I love you.

Janice said...

I can tell you and your brother are definitely related!

Shana-Lynn said...

Looks like a brother and sister to me!