Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Winter Jam 2007

The boys and I drove down to Colorado Springs on Sunday night to go to Winter Jam 2007. It's a rock concert featuring headlinging Christian acts. The boys wanted to see Steven Curtis Chapman, and especially Jeremy Camp. Afterwards, we were able to meet Jeremy, and get his autograph. The boys loved that! He is their favorite artist. For all of you who don't know who he is, you should really give him a try. You might think that since he is a Christian singer, he's not good. Well let me tell you, he rocks! Shane was jumping up and down and singing to his songs, and having a great time. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we went. I didn't have my camera at the concert, so afterwards, when I found out Shane could get his autograph, I sprinted out to the car and back to bring the camera in. Geez, it's really hard to run when it's like 29 degrees outside, at a high altitude, unless you're used to it! I highly recommend some training first.

As we were walking in, it was so cute, Collin was half awake, because he had fallen asleep on the way there. He saw a car with a fish on the back of it, and he yelled, "Look mommy, a Christian!" He was so excited. The older two were laughing. I said, baby, there's going to be a few of those here. He pointed out half the cars on the way in, because they had either a fish, or a Christian bumper sticker. He was so excited that he had found so many in such a short period of time.

So, here's some pictures of them wearing the shirts I bought them at the concert. Jeremy Camp sings a song called Tonight, and in the song, he says, I will take my cross, Tonight. So, that's what the shirts are mentioning. For those of you wondering, no the 12 year old did not want me to take these pictures, as this last one demonstrates! I'm putting it on here, and showing his wife someday! Ha!


Wendy said...

OKay- so that picture of Theron is hillarious!! That is so Theron. Looks like they had a great time, and love Shane strumming th air guitar!! Too cute!

Julie Luse said...

Hey there, Wendy at A Day In Our Life... sent me over from her post today. Just wanted to say that I agree with her, You are Super Mom, and an outstanding example to the rest of us. I also enjoy Jeremy Camp! Do you live in CO? I live in Boulder.
Julie :)

A.K. said...

So Wendy just wrote an amazing blog on you! I'm very inspired hearing your story being that I"m about to get married and my fiance has received his AF pilot slot. I'm afraid of the road ahead knowing of those days of solitude but its great to hear of other women who make it! can't wait to see pictures of the homecoming!!!