Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mice, Rock and Roll and Toilet Paper

So I went to the movies with my friend Wendy last night, and right at the beginning of the movie, I thought I saw a mouse running around the floor! I was freaking out. So, I was only half watching the movie, watching the floor really, and Wendy told me, "Quit looking at the Floor". When he didn't show up for a while, I talked myself out of the fact that it was a mouse. Until he showed up again, and Wendy saw it this time! So, I grabbed all my stuff, because there was candy involved, and I think I climbed right over Wendy and ran up like five rows. Two ladies were staring at me, and I said, "oh, sorry, there's a mouse". The girl immediately picked her feet up off the floor! He stayed down at the front, and we didn't see him for the remainder of the movie. Oh, yea, the movie, "Music and Lyrics" was cute.

So, you all know the song by Joan Jett, "I Love Rock and Roll". Well, my son Collin heard it, and when he was in the bath tonight, he started singing it. Here's how the song goes to a five year old..."I Love rock and roll, here's another juice box baby!" Because of course that's what a five year old would think the song says.

So, to top off the day, our house was TP'd tonight. So, I just went out in sub-freezing weather and cleaned TP off my van and my two trees. Ah the joys of raising three boys, cause you know it was one of their stinking friends! But, I only have 10 more days!

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Wendy said...

I love the juice box, baby! That is so very cute!! You forgot to mention that we did get free movie tickets AND not one, but two free popcorns out of the little mouse. Sorry about the TP. How funny though. Aghh the joys of motherhood. Just wait till they get in high school.