Friday, March 16, 2007

Adjustment Phase

I know, I haven't posted in like three days. I'm going through what you could call an adjustment phase. I am so very, very thrilled to have my husband back, and wouldn't want it any other way. However, after a year, I kind of started doing things my own way, and I'm having to adjust. Even the dog is having to adjust. She's just not sure where she's supposed to sleep now. She walks around the bed at night, as if to say, "mommy, what's going on here? that's my spot to sleep!" You see, she got really used to sleeping right next to me. Now, she's just a lost little yellow lab wanering the house at night. When she prowls around the bed, all we can see is her little yellow tail above the bed. The jaws theme comes to mind. I think, "Da da..." You get the picture. I'm waiting for her to attack to try to regain her spot. She walks over to my side, and either just sits and stares at me (which is kinda freaky in the middle of the night) or licks my face (stinky dog breath). Poor little lost yellow lab.

There's also the additional mess in the house that I'm just not used to. Yesterday, my husband let me sleep in, which I thought was really nice of him. Until I looked out my bedroom down to the main floor and saw the entire front room filled with little plastic pirate ship thingies. I continued to the kitchen, and on the kitchen table was leftovers from McDonalds, along with three remote controlled planes charging. On to the family room, the situation didn't get any better. On the sofa where I USUALLY sit was a laptop! I just decided to cut my losses and go back upstairs. Marriage, it's all about compromises and adjustments, with a lot of love thrown in.

But, worth mentioning is the fact that my husband agreed to go to my Wednesday morning Bible Study to meet the ladies who have been praying for him all this time. He indeed wore his "I Love My Wife" shirt (well, I did mention in my last post that his luggage was lost, but I didn't tell them that). I just let them say, "awwww, look at his shirt!" He was an immediate hit! They couldn't believe he came the morning after he arrived from a 30 hour trip and wearing his "wife" shirt. I was so proud! (he he)
Finally, I want to say to my new blogger friends out there, that I have really enjoyed starting to get know you. I feel a connection to you already. I know you must visit my site, and it probably looks different than the last time. Not to mention when I leave comments on yours, my name keeps changing there as well. We have it mostly worked out now. I won't be changing the site name now, and when I leave comments, it will be under "Kristen". Again, thanks to Wendy for helping me!


Wendy said...

Yeah! Another post! Loved reading it. I hope the adjustment phase ends soon enough! I am sure it is hard. Just remember you did miss him. Ha! I can see Brandee with her little nubbin tail at the bed. How funny would that be. Dog kisses in the middle of the night? Not so funny. Pirate ships all over? Also, not so funny. Shape up or SHIP out D. Ha, Ha. Get it? Ship out, pirate ships. Oh, I crack myself up.

A.K. said...

love reading your post and so glad that you are a new "blogging" friend! when scott and i just found out that we will probably be going to Del Rio in a year i immediately said "i have a friend who can hook us up with some great people and give us the ins and outs of there"= he looked at me and said "who?"... i said - oh just kristen my blogging friend- he laughed!!!

Lori said...

I'm sure you guys will get all the "kinks" worked out soon. I'm not always used to my husband being around, and he never even goes anywhere but work!

Megan said...

Too funny! Seriously, pirate ships and McDonalds?? Why is it that men don't see these kinds of things as a mess? Sometimes my husband have these little battles where I leave a particular item right where he left it, and see how long it takes him to pick it up. If it takes too long, I keep picking it up and putting it on his pillow until it finds a home. :)