Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

So, here we are on our short little family vacation before our move. We're up in Estes Park. I've been checking the weather forecast, right up until we packed yesterday, and it was calling for weather in the 50's and 60's. We packed some warm clothes, but not really heavy winter gear. I mean, seriously, it wasn't supposed to be like this! We've had snow all day. We're stuck up here on this mountain. I mean, serioiusly, I'm from Texas, winter storms don't just show up out of nowhere. How naive of me! But, the good news is we're spending some nice family time together. We played Uno and Pictionary Jr. last night. Of course, with three competitive boys, there was crying and moaning, but you can't ask for perfection! (But that's a completely different game we didn't bring with us) The house is absolutely beautiful. It's three stories, and has a huge window wall spanning the entire three floors. Of course, the windows are covered with snow and we can't see outside, but let's not split hairs here. We're having a wonderful time in this beautiful house, surrounded by beautiful mountians.

Lots of fun for everyone, a hot tub and a pool table!

So, perhaps some of you other more ambitious mothers would make a homemade breakfast while on vacation. Not me. I fed my boys the breakfast of champions...Pop Tarts. They never get it at home, so I thought, why not on vacation? They were loving it!
Can you see what that is? Outside that window is a grill, covered with snow. Darrell will be out there tonight freezing, but we're going to have our grilled chicken! I only brought food to be grilled, because...well we've been through all that! You get the picture.Here's some local wildlife hanging out as we were driving up the mountain yesterday. What do you not see? SNOW!!!

Serious thinking going on here. It could be serious life thinking, or what song to download next on my iPod. You just never know.Here's a closing picture of Darrell drinking his breakfast of champions, Diet Dr. Pepper. Seriously, I should get paid for all the endorsements I've put in this post. I mean, I mentioned Pop Tarts (which I know you're going to run out right now and buy), iPod, and Diet Dr. Pepper (cause why would you drink something else?)I'll post again if we make it back down the mountain in our little family mini van with the cargo carrier on top! Just kidding, mom, we'll make it back down. It's not really sticking on the road.


Wendy said...

Love the pics! When are you coming home already? I am staying dosed up on percoxet, and feeling great with that. Mmmmm. It really looks like you guys are having a blast! What a gorgeous house! Did you send D outside for the first picture? Brrr.

Megan said...

I ALWAYS have Diet DP for breakfast!! :)

I would love to be stuck on a mountain with my family right now. I'm you a couple of weeks ago...husband left today to go overseas on business for a month. Okay, so it's not a year, but it still stinks!!

That house is amazing!! Have a great time!

A.K. said...

gotta say- i'm a diet coke fan but every once in a while only a diet dp will do the trick!

looks like fun- glad you are all getting some family time in! can't wait to hear what great songs you decide to download!

Lori said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time! I love that your boys enjoy the hot tub just like the grown-ups do!

And RE: Diet DP...the only thing better is Diet Cherry Vanilla DP!

Have a safe trip home!