Friday, May 4, 2007

Naughty Dog!!!

OK, so those of you have read my post, you know that I have said that I have a naughty dog! She's just naughty! The only problem is, I love her to death. Almost two years ago now, we lost our beloved black lab Bandit. He was very ill, and we had to put him to sleep. He was our first "kid" when we were married. I had never really seen my husband cry until that time. We were driving home, after we put him to sleep, which was a long way. We lived in Del Rio at the time, and the nearest place to have him put to sleep and cremated was a little bit away (sorry AK, Del Rio is in the middle of nowhere, but you'll make great friends!) So, on the way back down the little two lane highway back to Del Rio, my husband cried. I did too, and we said, we never wanted to go through that again. Wendy will remember this...a month later, I was doing some serious yellow lab shopping on the internet. Nobody could replace Bandit, but I had to have another dog! I got her on the same day I found out that D was going to Qatar for a year. We got her in Houston, which was another long drive. I went with just the boys, we got her, stayed in a hotel, and then went back home the next day. That first night, she slept through the entire night! Well, that was the only time she did that!So, we're in our new house, but we're still commuting the kids to school every day so they can finish out the school year. It's an hour drive. D was going to drive them this morning, and it was 7:00 a.m. They were about to leave when I came down and said, where's Brandee? Um..she's outside. I went out to the backyard, and saw that the wind had blown open our gate. OK, something's gotta be done about that gate, but that'll have to be dealt with later. I ran back into the house screaming..."My dog's gone...My dog's gone." I found the first shoes I could find and ran out the door and got in the car. Yes, I was indeed in my jammies, wearing brown dress shoes! Well, I also had no time to put on my glasses or contacts, so here I am driving through our new neighborhood, which I don't know very well to begin with, squinting, calling for my dang dog! So, I pray really hard..."God...please...please...she's my dog! Please let me find her." I turned down a street that I know God must have led me down, because there she was. I jumped out, saying, "Brandee...Brandee...oh my gosh, you scared me...oh, thank you God." She got in the car, and I looked up at the house in front of me, and there was a man watching the whole ordeal. There I was, hair messed up, in my jammies, and dress shoes! Well, later my husband said that that man must have called the number on her tag, which was still the old house, because someone called and said that they had our dog. So, it had to be him, and he was probably thinking...geez...ungrateful woman. She didn't even say thank you! Only, I didn't know at the time that he was trying to help me! Teeny bit emberassing! So, I'm driving back, and I find two of my boys walking down the street. I ask, what are you doing? We're looking for Brandee they say. Where's Shane? I ask. Somewhere loooking for Brandee they say. Oh great, now my 10 year old son is missing. That dude can run fast too! So, I start praying again, "Please God, now please let me find Shane!" That little rascal was like 10 blocks away! He loves that dog so much, and boy, can he run!

Here he is running a marathon...well, he only ran one mile, but he was one of the fastest kids! He turned 10 yesterday, and I'll post pictures of that hopefully this weekend!

So, everybody is safe and sound now. I keep telling her "Do you know what you put mommy through this morning?" But she just stares at me blankly and licks herself. Her paw of course! What were you thinking?


Janice said...

Oh, the things we do for our pets! You must REALLY love your dog if you would run out to look for him in your jammies and brown dress shoes! ;-)

Happy 10th Birthday, Shane!!!

Janice said...

I forgot to say I LOVE the new layout!!!!!

Wendy said...

Happy late Birthday Shane!! Those pics of Brandee are hillarious. Rotten thing!

Megan said...

Bad, bad doggie. But, oh-so-cute!! :)

A.K. said...

so i really wanted to get a dog but maybe we'll wait till we are done in Del Rio so that we have places that are local! hah!

love the pictures! great one also at the marathon!

Lori said...

I agree with Janice - the things we do for our pets! Having one of our dogs get out of the yard has always been one of my greatest fears!

When I was a single girl and first had Bear, I once had to chase him through the apartment complex in high heels. It was over 12 years ago and I still remember how mad I was!