Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Fun with my Zoom Lens

OK, so I am so inspired by a few other blogging ladies who take beautiful pictures! I'm just a newbie, but I did get a new zoom lens for Mother's Day, and I'm having fun with it. We went to the zoo today, and I kept stopping to take close ups of flowers. People would be walking up, looking into the greenery, wondering if there was an animal! It was funny. I was faking people out.

So, here I was trying to learn how to manually focus in on an object with the zoom lens, and blur everything else out behind it. I think it looks cool.

Even just a leaf makes a beautiful picture if I do say so myself!

OK, it's a little too late for Mother's Day, but look at this! AWWWWW!!!


OK, so this grasshopper walks into a bar...AH Ha Ha!

That cracks me up. It totally looks like he's telling the other one a joke.

OK, well, I took over a hundred pictures. Like a ton more flowers, and a ton of the bird sanctuary, with the boys feeding the birds, but I just can't bore you in that way.

I'll close with this picture. I think it would be a great entry for the Father's Day picture contest, but I am entirely sure I won't be able to figure out the "Mr. Linky" and "link back to here" and post this button process. I'm just such a newbie!

So, here it is. I think it shows the true nature of my boys. Number one, not following the rules, by climbing on the fence. Don't worry, this wasn't the lion display or anything. I actually think they were watching a ground squirrel. Number two, it's shows how daddy is just joining in. Lastly, I love it. After a year of doing all these things without him, I love it!!! I love it that they can have these daddy moments now.

Plus, he's a good husband also, because if you look closely, he's carrying my Diet Dr. Peppers in his backpack! Now, that's love.


Darrell said...

Yes, we had a lot of fun today, and all the boys fell right asleep tonight. What you can't tell by looking at that jokester of an alligator, is that he was only about 3 feet long. We had a blast with the birds, too. I kept getting them on me and having them walk all over me and everyone else wanted to know how I did it. Guess I'm just a bird whisperer.

Darrell said...

Oh yeah. I see she didn't put any of MY pictures up from where I figured out how to get those kinds of close up pics and showed her how to do it. Her's did turn out better though. Next is to teach her how to put her mark on them and keep them from being stolen from her page.

Stacy said...

Great pics! Looks like you are doing quite well at the new zoom lens! Keep taking the great pics and posting! Looked like a perfect day for the zoo!

Lori said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! And it's not that hard to sign up on that Mr. Linky business and link back to the contest. You mean someone else's Mr. Linky, right? Not putting one on your blog?
If it's just signing someone else's and linking to their blog, I could walk you through it.

Susie PSU said...

I want to see a photo of someone feeding the giraffes there, but holding the cracker in their mouth, with the giraffe taking it. Does that make sense? Dare one of the boys to do it!!

Wendy said...

You have a pass, so you can do it next time!! Love the last photo. That one is my favorite

Liza's Eyeview said...

You've got teh "eye" girlfriend! Great zoom shots. Keep this photography habits going.

Great photo of your BOYS.

Janice said...

OOOOooooohh!!!! I love the pictures!!!!! They're all great!! I love how your boys look like they're trying to get in over the fence. I wanna see more!!! :-)

A.K. said...

now that's a good husband there to carry around your Diet D.P.'s! love the first picture- you're getting to be quite a pro at this!

Megan said...

Very, VERY good pictures!! Love the gorilla one!!

Looks like a very fun weekend!

Julie Luse said...

wow! I love your pics. Now I am so inspired to go to the zoo and bring my camera!