Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I know that you've missed Collin's Wisdom

The older boys are at summer camp, and D and I are seriously doting on Collin. We're doing some home improvements, and today we went to the pool because Collin is bored without his brothers. I'll post pictures of the pool outing tomorrow. But, more importantly, we let him pick the restaurant he wanted to go to for dinner, knowing full well his choice would be Red Robin...Yum. He loves his "Cheesy Mac-N-Cheesy". The boy loves his cheese. So, there the three of us are eating dinner.

Setting the stage: Collin has cheese all over his mouth and chin, and well, his cheeks.

D: Collin, napkin please.

C: Well, that would be a waste of cheese!

You just can't debate the wisdom of Collin.


Megan said...

I waste of cheese!!

The Morgan Family said...

Smart boy! I'm a cheese lover, too!

Shana-Lynn said...

Love it!!

Holliday Family said...

welcome back!