Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ugh, is summer over yet?

I'm weird. I really don't like summer by the time August rolls around. I CAN'T WAIT until fall. It's my favorite time of the year.

By the end of July, it's just so hot!

By the end of July, I'm really wishing the boys would go back to school! We've had fun this summer, and believe me, I love spending time with those boys, but we have a hard time finding things to keep their interest by this time of the summer.

I just love fall. There's nothing like seeing a tree with changing leaves. It's just beautiful. It's just so nice God gave us such pretty things in the fall after we've endured a hot summer. I love how it feels to take an early morning walk, or an after dinner walk during September or October. I love the cool air.
However, in the spirit of trying to make the best of the rest of the summer, we went a local park with a neighbor today. Here's some pictures of our little excursion. But, it was HOT!

Of course my tween never lets me take pictures of him. You may think that I don't take pictures of him, but I try, really I do. I try all the time. It just never works! He runs and hides.

That was the best I could get. He turned his head when I was going to take the picture. I tell you, embrace your ability to take pictures of your kids now. You won't be able to when they get older!

So, my new favorite addition to my home is a metal sculpture. You just can't get it's full glory from this picture. But, it's amazing. In person, the details are amazing. It's just beautiful. Because I love fall so much, my husband bought this for me. It's above our fireplace, that has pictures of the family on a ledge above it. It kinds represents a family tree to me. Theron already wants it when I die. Geez, is that all I'm worth? Seriously!


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

You know what, I'm not a big fan of summer, either. It's my least favorite season, after Fall, Spring and Winter, in that order.

Thankfully, though, we have had a very mild summer so far. So even if it gets hot as heck in August, we'll only have a month or so to suffer.

Hang in there!

Wendy said...

Um, tell D I could handle a tree like that! I love it!! Can he go get me one?? PLEEEEEEASE?

txswordmaker said...

Look at you go with your new software. Cool watermarks, baby!

Janice said...

I have to say I really love summer but maybe that's because I was born in the tropics :-P.

That tree is beautiful! What a great hubby to get it for you!!! And your watermark looks great, too!!!

Shana-Lynn said...

That tree is really cool. Fall is my most favorite time of the year as well. I love the smell in the air and the crisp leaves on the ground, cornstalks, pumpkins, apple cider....awww...what a wonderful season!

The watermark looks really cool. You should be able to make your blog button using your PS program.

The Morgan Family said...

I was having this same conversation with a friend yesterday. I have run out of things to do for the summer with the kids....can they just go back to school now? Lovin' the pictures....And I feel your frustration with the tween. My tween does the SAME thing and if he happens to look at the camera, he typically won't smile at all! Irritates me!

A.K. said...

i love the tree! the watermarks look great- i'm gonna have to break down and buy photoshop i'm guessing- did you just get it?!

Susie PSU said...

I love the tree - I immediately thought of a family tree, too!!

Megan said...

AWESOME pictures!!

I totally agree about summer! I'm a Spring fan myself, but Fall is a close second!

Love the watermark!

Stacy said...

Cool Tree- I would agree I am ready for fall- can't wait for the smell-- it's my favorite!!